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Join our SPRING EXPLORATION 30 day challenge, April 6th - May 5th, 2024.  
Grow your fitness, Explore wellness from new perspectives and upgrade your energy in a supportive community.

This 30 day challenge includes workshops and events that will educate you and inspire to help you stay motivated.

Commit to:

  • Detox + Dopamine - Sauna + Plunge 2x / week 

  • Grow Your Fitness - How many classes can you take in 30 days?

  • Daily Energy Routine -  Curate a Coherent + Regulated Nervous System

  • Grow Your Knowledge Take-in Workshops & Events included in the Spring Exploration Challenge that will inspire you!

  • Nourish - 7 day Clean Eating Challenge, April 22nd - 28th

  • Self Discovery + Accountability 

This Spring Clean Challenge includes unlimited yoga, 8 sauna plunge sessions and events listed below. 
*Just Yoga & Premium Members will not be charged for  services included in your contract.


  • FRESH JUICE TASTING, 10AM - 12PM  Join us for a Juice Tasting with Norfolk Juice Company. Please pre-register for this event. 

  • 30/30/30 INTEND YOUR LIFE WORKSHOP, 12PM - 1:30PM  30 minutes of movement, 30 minutes of guided meditation, 30 minutes of guided reflection & journaling.


  • INTRO TO FLOW, 12PM - 1:30PM  Learn the basics of breath-work for your vinyasa flow class, empower your practice  with a deeper understanding of flow dynamics.



  • LIVE MUSIC SLOW FLOW, 10:30AM - 11:45AM Jill will guide you through a strong and uplifting slow flow while Rachel serenades you on her guitar to music you'll want to groove with.

  • ENERGY CLEARING 101, 2PM - 4PM  Join Jill for an experiential class in weaving restorative yoga posture with energy medicine techniques/ exercises. This workshop will teach the participant how to integrate energy exercises to calm a busy mind, settle the physical body, ground their energy, and be at ease with stillness and meditation.


  • NOURISH YOUR LIFE WORKSHOP, 12pm - 1:30pm  A refresh on nutrition fundamentals while dispelling the myths. Registered Holistic Nutritionist Steph Howells will talk about what detox actually is (and what it isn't), and the importance of a daily detox, in a Q & A format!


  • CLEAN EATING WEEK  -  Get inspired about whole food eating.  Rachel Strasser (Integrative Nutrition & Health Coach) & Steph Howells (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) will provide you with inspiration to add vitamin L (love) to your meals, mindful eating insights & meal ideas to support detox + elimination. 

  • FRESH COLD PRESSED JUICE (ADDITIONAL $60 + HST) - Norfolk Juice Company one fresh juice each day during our 7 day clean streak to help you nourish. Attend the Juice Tasting on April 6th to sample Juices and chat with Linsay about the 'just-right' juices for you.  Pre-orders for the 7 day clean streak will be taken on April 6th. 


  • CLOSING CIRCLE EVENT- Details coming soon!

April Class Schedule

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