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About Us

Up Yoga & Wellness is an uplifting Yoga & Wellness Collective located  in Paris, Ontario.

Our yoga classes are uplifting, alignment informed and accessible to all.

We love yoga and all its benefits, especially the community of like minded individuals that connect over a great yoga class!

Not only will we help you take back your energy, we will give you the evidence based tools to help you keep feeling your best. To support you in your health, in addition to yoga and fitness classes our wellness facility features: 

  • 12 Person, Medical Grade Infrared Sauna

  • State of the art Cold Plunge Tub 

  • Holistic Health Coaching,

  • Eden Energy Medicine

  • Biofield Tuning

  • EFT Tapping Sessions

  • Registered Massage Therapy

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Wellness Workshops to Educate & Inspire

  • Individual & Group Programs

Ultimately, we want you to have the energy to pursue all the things that light you up! Transforming your health takes a village, and we would love to support and inspire your wellness journey!  


We also love music, we believe authenticity is a beautiful thing, and we cannot wait to connect with you!  


 Medical Grade Infrared Sauna

SaunaRay Sauna

Our custom 12 - 15 person SaunaRay Medical Grade Infrared Sauna houses unique ceramic elements that are hand made with natural infrared-reflective minerals that make it feel like you’re lying on a beach.  


There are many known benefits of infrared sauna use.

Regular IR exposure may boost users' overall feelings of wellness, relaxation, and, of course a more intense cleansing sweat session.

Unlike traditional steam saunas, our infrared sauna uses infrared heat to penetrate the skin and warm the air around you. Infrared technology does not over heat your lungs or your core body temperature. SaunaRay has designed a modern twist on the ancient ritual of sauna use.  Their ceramic infrared heating elements mimic the heat reflected by beach sand into the ocean and create a feeling of calm relaxation. The lower temperatures allow you to sweat without raising your core body temperature. This means you can breathe normally while inducing a profuse sweat. You can stay inside longer, relax into a cleansing sweat. It’s like going to the beach!  End your Sauna session in our state of the art PLUNGE cold plunge tub to refresh and invigorate. 



Slow Flow classes are a combination of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga, with fewer transitions than Vinyasa yoga and more flow than Hatha yoga. This slow and intentional practice will deepen your awareness around the nuances of  integrating strength, flexibility and balance while cultivating freedom in the body and mind as you flow your way into a blissful state. You will learn how to deepen your breath to anchor and ground your body, move energy and land in the present moment. Slow Flow is suitable to all levels of students and is a beautiful stepping stone to Flow & Yoga Sculpt.


This class is a combination of hatha for the first 35  minutes and Yin for the final 25 minutes of class. *Refer to Hatha and Yin Class descriptions


This class uses the support of a chair to make yoga accessible for all people.  Class includes poses to encourage strength and flexibility, breath work and guided relaxation.  Poses are done seated in the chair, and standing (optional) with chair for support. This class is a good fit for older adults, people with chronic conditions that affect mobility, and for those who enjoy a seated practice.  No previous yoga experience is necessary.


This meditative and restorative practice will calm your energy while targeting deeper connective tissues and acupressure points through gentle stretches. Gradually move through gentle stretches held for 2-5 minutes landing in longer restorative holds towards the end of class. You will feel supported with the strategic use of  blocks, bolsters and blankets to allow the body to release. This beautiful practice will help you unwind and bliss out. This is the ideal practice for a restorative sleep.


R&R is when you need a bit of movement but not too much. During this class you spend your time mostly on your mats with no standing, moving through a full body sequence that will gently warm the body, relieve stress and melt away tension. This class is perfect for those who need to unwind and is gentle enough for those recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain. It is recommended to begin or finish your practice with a 25 minute session in the infrared sauna. You will leave feeling relaxed, spacious and calm. 


This class is a combination of flow for the first 45 minutes of class and Yin for the final 30 minutes of class. 


This slower paced, mindful moving class fosters strength, balance and  flexibility with a focus on connection to steadiness and ease of the breath.  This practice uses simpler transitions between foundational yoga postures with attention to individual alignment.  It is a perfect class for those new to yoga with the opportunity to lean into your personal edge of strength and focus. This class will lift your heart rate and soothe your mind by helping you empty the overflowing inbox of the mind, leaving you feeling uplifted, calm and focused.


Flow connects breath and movement, with a focus on fluid transitions from one asana (pose) to the next with consistent sun salutations (downdog, plank, chaturanga, updog, downdog) integrated into the sequence of class. This class opens the body and builds heat to explore a ‘peak’ posture through rhythmic sequencing to an uplifting playlist.  In a vinyasa flow class you will build strength, flexibility and fitness as you move mindfully with intention.  This Class will allow you to ‘rinse and release’ while re-energizing your body and mind.

Yoga Practitioners

Meet our team of incredible yoga practitioners! 

Courtney Gray

"Virtual Classes have been a great way for me to get back to my mat with young kids at home. These classes are wonderful & highly purposeful. Highly recommend!"

Nancy Gambacort

"Yoga has truly changed my life. The way I breathe, the way I am present. It has helped me to be focused, flexible, and calm in my body from head to toes in a multitude of situations. The classes and teachers/mentors at UP Yoga are inspiring and intuitive and have helped me grow. The power and strength I have from yoga, is incredible. A million thank you's!"

Kristie Siple

"I am so glad I joined Rachel's class! She is extremely welcoming and accommodates all levels of yogi.
I felt very comfortable joining her class and highly recommend it."
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